LIGHTINOLOGY is a new word and brand name created from ‘Lighting’ and ‘Technology’ since 2018. It is a trademark registered and in the United States, Taiwan, and many other countries. Lightinology seeks to provide lighting products with modern minimalist design, great optical performance and integrated with smart technologies. No matter how much time passes, we at Lightinology expect our products to stand the test and become must-have elements of the aesthetics of space,  and make people life smarter and sustainable. 


Go beyond the speed of light

Can you catch up with a beam of light? The power of thinking big can surpass the speed of light and conquer the dimension of time to create future trends and living. The spirit of the brand, go beyond the speed of light, encourages us to think further and dream bigger. So don't let time and space limit your imagination and vision.



Beautiful light, beautiful life.

Lightinology wants to solve the big problems in ceiling aesthetics and optics. When you spend time and savings on furnishing your home, you don’t want your investment in texture and taste to be let down in the end by the appearance or effectiveness of your light fixtures.

Lightinology understands that light is the fourth dimension of architecture. Light is the final mile in spatial design; light and shadow are very important in architectural and interior spaces. Based on our collaboration experience with many top architectural and interior design firms, the Lightinology team hopes to provide you with another choice in lighting brands, to make your spaces more beautiful than you can imagine.



Each light fixture that Lightinology offers is an expertly-designed finished product, rigorously created through the plentiful past optical and aesthetic design experience of our customers and specialized designers. Each Lightinology fixture is also a work of art sculpted through on-site experience and the rigors of time. We provide light fixtures for various light distribution (narrow, narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, etc.); we also provide light fixtures and accessories with a variety of functions such as anti-glare, bathroom, quick disassembly, honeycomb, snoot, and optical lenses. We hope our specialized light fixtures and accessories will solve the lighting needs of all your spaces.

Lightinology's brand positioning targets consumers who value everyday aesthetics and home quality, and who desire high-quality home appliances and furniture for their families, living spaces, or professional spaces. Our products’ lines and color appeals are clean and simple, and appealing to those who like simple, minimal, Nordic, and modern styles. If you favor high-quality projects designed by well-known architectural interior design companies, and hope to install the same quality lighting fixtures found in well-known designs in your own spaces, we are certain that Lightinology is your perfect choice.


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